Wonderslim Diet Review

Is the Wonderslim Diet Right For You?


wonderslim diet reviewThe Wonderslim diet is a meal replacement diet that offers very fast weight loss – up to 16 pounds per month.

You eat 7 Meals a day – including meal replacements (pudding/shakes and smoothies), and protein supplements (breakfast items, lite entrees, soups, fruit drinks, hot drinks, snack bars and desserts).

You also get a daily “lean and green” meal that you provide yourself. So you’re basically eating every 2 – 3 hours so you’re not hungry.


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And at around $9.61 a day, it’s more affordable than many other meal delivery diets on the market.

Is it right for you? Here’s a quick review of the Wonderslim diet to help you decide:



The Basics:


Delivers To:   All Over U.S.

Price Per Day:  Approx. $9.61 per day plus your 1 “lean and green” meal.

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Menu Variety:  Good – over 50 different “meals” to choose from including diet shakes, bars, puddings, oatmeal, chili, pasta, omelette, oatmeals, sloppy joe, snacks like pretzels, smoothies and even desserts like chocolate cake and cheesecake.


wonderslim diet review


The Weight Loss starter kits come in 2 week, 4 week, 8 week and 12 week kits with everything you need to get started including food, meal plans, tips, etc. You can also buy foods a la carte to stock up on your favorites.


Plans Available:

Women’s Starter Kit

Men’s Starter Kit

2 Week, 4 week, 8 week or 12 week kits

A La Carte products


Wonderslim Diet Plan Review:

wonderslim-protein-barThe Wonderslim Diet  is an accelerated weight loss plan that uses specially designed protein meal-replacement pudding/shakes, smoothies, entrees, bars, soups, cold drinks, hot drinks, dessert pudding and lite entrees to help you slim down faster than standard diets.

You also can add 1 ‘lean and green’ meal yourself (lean meat and veggies).

You eat 7 times per day, approximately every 2 to 3 hours – so you don’t feel hungry or deprived.

The Wonderslim plan is technically a meal replacement diet and one of the best things about it is that you lose weight very fast.

wonderslim-pastaIn fact, according to the Diet Direct website, there are over 30 published research studies which show that on average, people lose and keep off more than 3 times as much weight using portion-controlled meal replacements like Wonderslim, compared with other typical diets.

So if you have a lot of weight to lose or if you have to lose weight by a certain date, this is a ‘fool-proof’ simple plan that can get you there.

You’re not locked into a contract. While you can order Wonderslim products on their own, the best way to get started is with one of their Weight Loss Starter Kits.

You can get a 2 week, 4 week, 8 week and 12 week kit (depending on how much you want to lose).

wonderslim chocolate cakeYou’ll also get a Daily Meal Plan, Food Selection List and tips for your success.

There’s also a 12-Step Lesson Guide, where you’ll learn everything from nutritional education to exercise and behavior modification tips so you can maintain your weight loss after the diet.




What You Get With Each Weight Loss Starter Kit:

wonderslim diet plan– Meal replacement bars (Marshmallow Chocolate Cookie, Creamy Peanut Butter, Zesty Lemon)

– Protein Shakes (Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Cream, Mocha Cream, CocoMint Cream)

– Breakfast Meals (Hotcakes, Oatmeal, Cereals, Cheese Omelette)

– Entrees (Sloppy Joe, Cheese N’ Pasta, Cheese Steak Macararoni, Chili, Creamy Alfredo Pasta).

– Desserts (Double Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Puddings



wonderslim diet review



Editor’s Conclusion:  Recommended For Quick Weight Loss


wonderslim diet shakesIf you have a lot of weight to lose (over 30 lbs) or if you want a ‘fool-proof’ way to lose weight fast – for a very low price and without a contract or auto-ship delivery program, then the Wonderslim diet may be right for you.

You get to eat up to 7 times a day and even indulge in sweet treats like chocolate cake, cheesecake and puddings. Plus the meals are higher in protein which not only keeps your metabolism high, but it can also help you feel fuller for longer.

While the meals aren’t necessarily “gourmet” that you get with other services, most people don’t care since they’re seeing weight loss results so fast.

You can get started with one of their complete Wonderslim diet weight loss kits – which are on for 50% off and Free Shipping as of this writing.


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wonderslim diet review