Wonderslim Alternatives

3 Simpler Wonderslim Alternatives


wonderslim alternativesLooking for Wonderslim Alternatives? The Wonderslim diet is a popular, super-fast-weight loss, meal replacement diet.

It consists of shakes, bars, lite entrees and desserts that help you lose weight quickly and safely.

However it’s not for everyone. I personally prefer the Medifast shakes as I find the Wonderslim shakes start to separate a bit too quickly for my taste. But that’s just me.

Wonderslim can also be a bit complicated – with 3 different plan options. It’s hard for people to know which plan is best for them. There are similar plans that are simpler.

So if you’re looking for Wonderslim Alternatives, here are 3 similar diets you may like to consider:


#1 Medifast

[contentblock id=99 img=gcb.png]Medifast is probably the one diet you’ve heard of on this list since it’s been around – and heavily advertised – for years.

It’s very similar to Wonderslim with bars, desserts, shakes and lite entrees.

The good news is that Medifast has retooled their diet and made it more affordable – so it’s actually about equal in terms of price to Wonderslim.

You can now do the Medifast diet for under $10 a day.


wonderslim alternatives
Medifast Starter Kit


You eat 6 times per day – 4 Medifast meals and 2 lean and green meals that you add in yourself (you can also buy these from Medifast). And you can lose up to 5 pounds in your first week.

Plus, Medifast also has a lot of chocolate options (brownies, cookies, ice cream, shakes) that are similar to the chocolate options you find with Wonderslim – so that’s a plus for many people.

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#2 Ideal Shape Diet

wonderslim alternativesThe Ideal Shape diet is a bit more limited than Wonderslim in terms of options. It only gives you bars and shakes that you use to replace 1 – 2 meals per day. You add your own meals on top of this (about 2 per day).

But on the other hand, this diet is also much cheaper than Wonderslim – about $2.60 per day vs $10 per day. So it’s worth considering.  Shakes are gluten-free and kosher certified.

The shakes also contain a unique potato protein that helps to block hunger and keep you fuller for longer. This protein is not found in any other shake on the market.

You also get optional weight loss supplements and a weight loss meal plan guide.

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#3 HMR Diet
wonderslim diet alternatives
HMR Diet At Home

The HMR diet is not as well known as Medifast – but they’ve also been around for about 30 years.

The diet was mainly used in hospitals and weight loss clinics to lose weight fast when it was required.

However they’ve also made their diet available to people at home.

The diet consists of weight loss shakes and entrees that are low in calories. You add in 5 servings of fruit and veggies per day (minimum).

The great thing about this diet is that it’s SIMPLE. All you do is order the 3 week starter kit and you’re on your way.

Also, this diet offers something the other diets do not – a weekly weight loss coaching call. Every week you’re getting support and help in following the diet and building new healthy habits.

And with the coupon link below, you can start this diet for around $10 a day as well – so it’s just as affordable as Wonderslim.

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