Weight Loss For Women

Tips and Diet Suggestions To Help Women Lose Weight

weight loss for women tipsWondering about weight loss for women? Women face some unique challenges when it comes to losing weight tha men don’t tend to have.

Women gain weight for far different reasons than men do, so they’ll need to take additional factors into account when choosing the right weight loss plan for them.

This article will give you some tips on losing weight if you’re a woman along with some of the best online diet programs designed especially for women to lose weight!


Calorie Intake To Lose Weight


The very first thing to think about when it comes to weight loss for women is the calorie intake you need to lose weight.

Women naturally tend to have lower amounts of lean muscle mass compared to men, so they will require a less calories. (Sorry ladies!)

Most women will do best eating between 1200-1500 calories per day.  Women who are very active or who are currently quite a bit heavier may be able to take their calorie intake up slightly higher than this, but generally that’s a good range.

Likewise, women who are quite light already (and shorter in most cases) and who are incredibly sedentary may need to go a bit lower. However, if that’s the case, you may want to just consider adding more exercise at that point.

The problem if you go under 1200 a day – especially if you’re designing the diet yourself – is that you probably wont’ be getting the right nutrition. And this can set up all sorts of problems like cravings, nutritional deficiences and even health problems.

Some diets go slightly lower – for example Medifast for women goes around 1000-1200 calories per day. However that is a doctor-recommended program that is specially formulated to ensure you’re still getting adequate nutrition and protein.


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Best Exercise Choices


So let’s talk about the best kind of exercise to lose weight.  The kind of exercise you do will affect how fast you lose – and unfortunately, this is where so many women go wrong.

A lot of women will spend hours upon hours on the treadmill, slaving away because they believe this is the fastest route to success.

Not so.  Surprisingly, the treadmill really won’t have you burning up many calories at all and will do very little to boost your overall metabolic rate.

Weight lifting on the other hand is what you want to be turning to. A good weight lifting program will boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours after it’s completed, making it that much easier for you to reach your weight loss goals.

The higher your metabolism is, the more calories you’ll be burning 24 hours per day, therefore the faster your rate of progress will be.

Choose weight lifting workouts at least three times per week and then supplement those with cardio training. If you do this, you’ll have ten times better results to show for it.


Controlling Emotional Eating


weight loss for womenAnother thing when talking about weight loss for women is emotional eating.

Yes ladies, we do tend to eat for emotional reasons – much moreso than men. And if you’re eating for emotional reasons, you may sabotage any weight loss plan you’re on.

But there are ways of dealing with your emotions so you don’t turn to food.

Using a journal to get down your thoughts is one of the best ways to deal with emotions, so consider spending some time doing that daily.

Or, you may need to speak to a counselor or therapist as well if you’re eating for very serious issues that aren’t going to be resolved on their own.

Keep in mind that emotional eating can be extremely devastating to your progress if you’re going for calorie dense foods like pizza, chocolate or baked goods (which we inevitably do – after all, who wants to eat carrots when they ‘re down?)


Managing Stress


Finally, the last thing that women need to deal with when losing weight is their stress level.  Stress can cause big issues with your ability to lose weight because when you’re highly stressed out, you’ll be far more likely to secret cortisol, a hormone that can promote fat accumulation in the abdominal region.

And there’s nothing more stressful sometimes than running around trying to shop for special meals and make intricate diet dishes or counting points to make sure you stay on your plan!

To help avoid this, take steps to keep your stress levels as low as possible – especially when losing weight. Make thing as easy as possible (that’s why I prefer using a diet delivery service!)

You may also want to delegate tasks that others can help you out with and make sure that you are taking some time each week for yourself – just to do nothing.

So there you have the primary weight loss for women tips. Women face unique challenges – but if you keep these tips in mind you’re more likely to succeed on your weight loss plan! Good luck!


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