Vegin’ Out Review

Is This Vegan Meal Delivery Service Right For You?

vegan meal deliveryLooking for nationwide Vegan Meal Delivery? A quality vegan meal delivery service used to be pretty hard to find.

But now there’s Vegin’ Out – a southern California vegan and vegetarian meal delivery service.

It delivers a week of vegan meals to your home every Monday. They deliver nationwide around the U.S. (except Hawaii and Alaska).

And what’s even better is that they use organic options for their produce and ingredients when available. Plus they also offer gluten-free options on request.

Another plus is that you can request a meal substitution for no extra charge.

So is Vegin’ Out the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know:


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The Basics:

Delivers To: All Over U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska

Price Per Day: Starting at $24 a day for a single portion (feeds one person for a week)

Current Specials: Free Shipping + $20 First Order with Coupon Code SHARE20

Plans Available:

Each Single Week of Meals Includes  3 – 24 ozvegan meal entrees, 4 – 16 oz vegan side dishes, 1 vegan soup and a bag of vegan cookies.  You can get up to 3 servings per entrée side dish and soup. Extra entress, side dishes etc can be added a la carte.

Each meal is approximately 550 calories


vegan meal delivery review


Vegin Out Review

Vegin Out is a very cool vegan meal delivery service that makes fresh vegan meals with whole organic ingredients where possible. The menu changes weekly and you can see the menu and ingredients each week when you order.

Each meal comes with nutritional information and each vegan dish comes fully cooked and prepared with heating instructions.

Plus you can request to make a meal substitution for no extra charge and you can even request gluten-free options as well.

vegan meals delivered


How It Works:

The vegan meal delivery is a bit different from most standard diet delivery services. You can order one week of meals or a double portion (for 2 people). One week of meals will get you three 24 oz vegetarian vegan entrées, four 16 oz vegetarian vegan side dishes, one 32 oz vegetarian vegan soup and 5 vegan cookies.

You can get up to 3 servings from each entree, side dish, and vegan soup. A serving is equivalent to 3/4 cup. A double order is two each of everything on the menu (i.e. for 2 people). You can also order for up to 4 people.




You save close to 10% by ordering the double vegetarian vegan meal order. Extra entrees, side dishes, vegan cookies and salad dressings can be added to an order a la carte style.

Based on an average calorie count of 550 – 600 calories per meal, that means you’ll probably be getting about 1500 – 1600 calories per day, plus whatever snacks and extras you add in yourself.

All vegan meal orders are shipped in an insulated shipping box with dry ice. The vegan meals are packaged in a vacuum sealed pouches. Shipping is included with your vegan meal order. There’s no additional fees or taxes. Orders are shipped every Monday.

vegan diet meal delivery


Menu Examples:

Thai Green Curry Tofu and Veggies – tofu, bell peppers, onion, broccoli, snow peas, rice noodles, curry paste, coconut milk, basil, grapeseed oil, salt, pepper

BBQ Lentil Loaf – lentils, brown rice, celery, onion, bell pepper, garlic, walnuts, nutritional yeast, rolled oats, corn, bbq sauce, vegan Worcestershire, smoked paprika, salt, pepper

Mediterranean Spaghetti – whole wheat spaghetti, broccolini, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, mixed olives, oregano, nutritional yeast, basil, pine nuts, chili flakes, garlic, salt, pepper

Vegetable Medley in Cilantro Pesto (Side Dish)

Sesame Kale Salad (Side Dish)

Double Chocolate Mint Cookies


Click Here For This Weeks Menu


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Editors Conclusion: A Flexible, Healthy Organic Vegan Meal Delivery – For A Great Price

While it’s not necessarily a “weight loss” service, Vegin’ Out is a great healthy vegan meal delivery service. According to the website their meals are made with about 85% organic ingredients.

And at about $24 a day, it’s extremely affordable as well. You can save $20 of your first order and get free shipping to your home by clicking the link below (use coupon code SHARE20).

Click Here To Try Vegin’ Out Vegan Meal Delivery


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