Personal Chef To Go – Right For You?

Personal Chef To Go Review:


personal chef to go meal deliveryPersonal Chef To Go is a gourmet meal delivery service that offers chef-prepared healthy meals delivered to your door.

Meals are prepared fresh and never frozen. They’re made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives and are 100% trans fat free.

So is the Personal Chef To Go service right for you? Here’s a review to help you decide.


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Delivers To:   All Over Continental U.S.

Price Per Day:  Ranges from $14 a day and up depending on which program you order: Busy Singles meal delivery, Couples meal delivery or Family Favorites

About Chef Gene Castelluccio:

Chef Gene Castelluccio is the main chef behind Personal Chef To Go.  He has worked in numerous up-scale establishments, including The Mirage in Las Vegas, The Marriott Marquis in New York City and Radisson Hotels and Resorts.

He’s also cooked for several high end events like the Emmy Awards, Tony Awards and the French Film Festival.

He has opened several successful restaurants and recently was the Executive Chef at the four-star Omni Hotel in Richmond, Virginia

Menu Variety:  Excellent – New chef-determined menu every week

Plans Available: Busy Singles plan, Busy Couples Plan & Family Favorites Plan


Personal Chef To Go Review:

personal chef to go meal deliveryPersonal Chef To Go is a new meal delivery service that offers chef-prepared, healthy meals prepared fresh and delivered to your door.

They use fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives and meals are 100% trans-fat free.

Meals are not frozen but can stay fresh because of the specialized triple insulated shipping containers with ice packs.


How It Works:

There are 3 general plans –


1) Busy Singles – Designed for working men or women, you get 5 gourmet dinner entrees and 3 entree salad lunches for the office. Meals are lower in calories but restaurant-quality in taste.

Menu Examples include:

Roasted Chicken Cordon Bleu with Raspberry Vinaigrette served with roasted wild mushroom and green beans

Korean Grilled Beef in Sesame Ginger Garlic Sauce served with organic brown rice and red peppers


2) Couples On The Go – Designed for working couples, you get ten individually packaged dinners consisting of two servings of each of the chef’s five selections for that week.

Menu Examples include:

Chicken Breast Florentine, stuffed with Spinach, Fresh Herbs, Parmesan and Low-Fat Ricotta Cheeses

Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Green Chili Sauce with organic cilantro brown rice


3) Family Favorites – This plan is designed for working families who want healthy well-balanced meals for their families but don’t have time to cook.

You get four ‘kid friendly’ entrees with side dishes and whole-grain rolls. You can choose from either a full, 16-serving plan (four meals/four servings each); or a half, 8-serving order (two servings each).

Menu Examples include:

Texas BBQ Pork Chops with button mushrooms and roasted red peppers

Healthy Baked Pesto Chicken with whole-grain rice and fresh green beans

Southwest Chicken Chili with a blend of vegetable and orzo pasta



personal chef to go mealAll meals are low on the glycemic index – which is great for both diabetics and those watching their weight.

Another thing that is great about the Personal Chef To Go site is that you can read the nutritional and caloric information on each entree.

Menus change every week so you’ll always get a variety of food choices.

Once you select your meal plan, just place your order online and you’ll get your meals delivered to your home on Saturday via Fed-Ex Home Delivery.

You don’t need to be home to receive your meals, but you should refrigerate them by midnight on Saturday – or have a neighbour do it for you.

There are cooking instructions and best-before dates on the packages. Most meals can be microwaved or reheated in a conventional oven. Even if you use a conventional oven, most meals take only abou 30 minutes to reheat.


Editor’s Conclusion:  Great Option For Higher End Healthy Meals

Personal Chef to Go is a meal delivery service that specializes in preparing lower calorie, healthy gourmet meals for busy people.

There are plans for busy singles, busy couples and busy families.

These are restaurant quality meals – at about half the price. Another advantage is that they also use fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives – and meals are trans-fat free.

While it’s not a diet food delivery service, the meals are lower in calories and can help you maintain a slim figure – while still feeling like you’re pampering yourself.

Bottom Line:  An excellent gourmet meal delivery service using healthy fresh ingredients and no preservatives


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