Not Losing Weight? Here Are 3 Things That May Be Happening

What To Do When the Scale Won’t Budge


not losing weightTrying to diet but not losing weight? Are you doing everything right but the scale STILL won’t budget?

It’s frustrating to do all this work and see no results! What’s going on?

Surprisingly, there are several reasons the pounds stay on – that have nothing to do with the calories you’re eating every day.

Here are 3 reasons you may not be losing weight – and what you can do about it!


#1 Pre Diabetes

In pre type 2 diabetes (as well as undiagnosed diabetes), your body isn’t using the hormone insulin as effectively as it should (insulin keeps blood sugar stable).

As a result, your pancreas has to put out more insulin to do the job – and keep your blood sugar stable.

The problem with this is that insulin is also a “fat-storage” hormone. High levels of insulin tell your body to store fat – and NOT to burn it.


If you suspect you may have pre diabetes, see your doctor who can run some routine tests on you and catch this condition early on.

One of the best ways that pre diabetics and diabetics can lose weight is to go on a low carb (not a no carb) diet.

This works because it keeps insulin levels down – so your body isn’t as prone to go into fat-storage mode.

This also helps you to avoid developing full blown diabetes because it takes the strain off your pancreas to produce so much insulin.


Possible Diets To Try:

Diet To Go Carb 30 (Under 30 Grams of Carbs Per Day)

Medifast For Diabetics


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#2 Time of Day Eating

not losing weightThis is all about when you eat the majority of your calories. People who eat the majority of their calories before 2:00 pm tend to lose weight easier than those who eat most of their calories after 2:00 pm

Why? Because at night your body is winding down. It knows it doesn’t need alot of calories – after all, you’re just sleeping!

So it tends to store more calories as fat at night. Whereas in the morning your body needs those calories to get through the day – so most of these calories are burned up.

This doesn’t work for everyone – but if you’re not losing weight but doing everything right – try this time of day eating change and see what happens!


Possible Diets To Try:

Bistro MD Diet (and eat the main meals before 2:00)

Medifast Achieve (and eat your 2 Lean and Green Meals Before 2:00)


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#3 Stress Hormones Are Keeping You Fat

Stress hormones like cortisol are another thing (like insulin) that will keep your body from burning fat.

diet food delivery service - find the best oneIn fact high stress hormones will actually encourage the body to put ON fat – especially in the lower belly.

If you’re not losing weight, ask yourself if you’ve been especially stressed out about something. Then try to take steps to lower your cortisol levels. Some ways to do this are:

Deep breathing exercises every day

Meditation or prayer

Get a massage

Take a walk with a friend or loved one

Take an Epsom salts bath

Another thing you can do to avoid putting on weight when you eat is to SLOW down while you’re eating. Sit down and actually enjoy your meal. Chew eat bite slowly and carefully.

When you eat on the run, experts say you don’t digest your meal as well. This can also add more stress to the body and add to the cycle of stress-weight-gain. But when you slow down, your body is in a more relaxed state and can use the food for energy instead of fat storage.


Possible Diets to Try:

Bistro MD Gourmet Plan with Snacks

Fresh Diet Gourmet Plan

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So those are 3 things you can do if you’re not losing weight. Take your time and be kind to yourself. Your body will tell you what’s going on. Listen to it and you’ll soon find that you are off the weight loss plateau and start to lose again!