Nationwide Diet Delivery Services – Top 3 Favorites

nationwide diet deliveryIf you’re thinking about a diet delivery service, you have 2 basic choices – a nationwide diet meal delivery service – or a local service. I personally recommend using a nationwide delivery service for 2 reasons:


#1 They have a larger client base so they can buy in bulk and get food for lower prices – which means these discounts get passed on to you. So in general nationwide services are much cheaper than local services.


#2 They tend to be more professional and trustworthy. Because they do have such a large customer base to serve they tend to have better customer service, delivery systems and are more reliable.

I (and others who have visited this site) have found they just tend to run a ‘tighter ship’ business wise. It’s kind of like staying at a Hyatt or Hilton vs staying at the local ‘Millie’s Inn’.


While there are several services that deliver to your door througout the U.S., here are my 3 favorite diet meal services with brief reviews of each:


#1 Diet To Go

diet to go steak and eggsDiet To Go is basically the most affordable service per day for fresh, prepared meals – coming in around $18 a day. You have the flexibility to choose whether you want all 3 meals or just lunch and dinner. You also have the flexibility of meal plans – low carb, low fat or vegetarian.

They also include your extras like juice, condiments, etc. which you don’t get with other services. Overall a great fresh-meal diet delivery services that won’t break your budget!

Click here for more on Diet To Go


#2 Bistro MD

bistro md dinnerIf you want a more gourmet fresh-food option, Bistro MD is it. They are more on the gourmet side – and include a bit more food in their meals – with more restaurant-quality flair.

The diet was designed by a medical specialist in weight loss  – Dr. Cedarquist – and it gives you a balanced, safe way to lose weight. At around $25 a day it’s also pretty affordable.

There is one general low calorie plan – but you do have some flexibility in the number of days you want to get meals. They also have a place you can tell them about any allergies or food sensitivies you have and they’ll try to accomodate you.

Click here for more on Bistro MD


#3 Biggest Loser

biggest loser meal delivery dinnerIf you want to lose weight like the contestants on the Biggest Loser TV show – you can with their diet meal delivery service. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1 snack every day – and you can choose to get the plan 5 or 7 days.

Plans start around $23 a day and they currently are offering several free meals with your first order.

Click here for more on the Biggest Loser delivery.


So those are my top 3 favorites for nationwide diet food delivery programs – for a full list of all services you can try, click here.