Medifast Introduces More Affordable “Achieve” Plan

medifast diet delivery - cheaperIf you’re looking for a way to lose weight quickly and safely, you may have considered the Medifast plan. It’s been around for years, in one form or another.

And it consists of Medifast “meals” like shakes, bars, lite entrees and even desserts that you eat in place of regular meals.

The main advantage of Medifast is that you lose weight faster than regular diet delivery plans – up to 5 pounds your first week.

For 2016 Medifast is rolling out a more affordable “Achieve” plan. This diet comes in under $10 a day – which is much cheaper than the older plan for around $12 a day.

What’s the real difference? Well, basically you get less Medifast “meals” to eat – and you add in one more lean and green meal to your day.

It works like this:

You eat 4 Medifast meal replacements every day (bars, snacks, soups, desserts, oatmeals, etc.)

medifast bars chocolateYou eat 2 lean and green meals every day. This can be in any order.

You can eat them for breakfast and dinner or lunch and breakfast, whatever is easiest for you. You either provide them yourself (The Medifast diet plan will send you recipes for these).

You can also purchase Medifast Flavors of Home meals that fulfill all the requirements of a Lean and Green meal.

Or you can use the Dining out guide to help you eat your Lean and Green meal at a restaurant.

You also have 1 healthy snack a day like a piece of fruit, baked potato or another one of the Medifast snacks.

So basically you’re still eating quite frequently like on the old planĀ – the only thing is that you’re eating 1 more lean and green meal.


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You also get the Medifast starter guide, online help, shopping lists and a dining out guide.

And if you want to save even more, you can join the Medifast Advantage program (basically it’s their Autoship program) and you’ll save an extra 10% off your order.

Click Here to Save on the NEW MedifastĀ Achieve Plan



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