Ideal Shape Diet Review

Is The Ideal Shape Diet Plan Right For You?


Ideal Shape Review
Ideal Shape Diet Plan

Ideal Shape is a home delivery diet offering meal replacement shakes and bars that you can use to replace 1 – 2 meals per day and lose weight.

It also includes optional supplements that help to keep you full and a weight loss meal plan guide.

Unlike other meal replacement diets like Medifast or Wonderslim, you do have to add some more meals yourself.

But the diet is very affordable with some unique benefits to it.

Is it the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know:

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The Basics:

Delivers To: Continental U.S.

Price Per Day: From $2.60 per day – plus the cost of your other 4 meals

Current Specials: Free Shipping

Menu Variety: Below Average – 3 Types of Shakes and 4 Types of Bars

Plans Available: 30, 60 and 90 day starter kits



Ideal Shape Review:


ideal shape diet plan shakesUnlike a lot of diet plans on this site, Ideal Shape is more of a supplement than an entire diet plan delivered.

It offers high protein, fortified bars and shakes that you use to replace 1 – 2 meals per day to help you lose weight.

You’re still responsible for making 3 – 4 of own healthy meals (according to the weight loss meal plan you get with the Ideal Shape starter package).


How It Works:


ideal shape barsOn this diet, you eat 5 smaller meals per day – including 1 shake and 1 bar (you can replace up to two meals a day). The shakes are gluten free and very low in sugar.

Both bars and shakes have protein and fiber to keep you full.

They also contain a unique potato protein that also helps to block your hunger. This potato protein is unique to Ideal Shape and not found in other shakes on the market.

To get started on the diet you order either a 30, 60 or 90 day starter package. Each package includes shakes, bars, a free shaker bottle and a guide with your weight loss meal plan and tips for building an exercise program into your lifestyle.


ideal shape review


There is also an optional hunger-blocking supplement if you need extra support.

One of the benefits of this plan is that it’s super-affordable. The shakes come in under $1.50 per shake – which is amazing. When you break it down by day with the starter packages, it costs around $2.60 per day. (Keep in mind that you have to also add in other meals yourself.

While Ideal Shape is not as big or as well known as other meal replacement programs like Medifast or Nutrisystem, it does have an impressive stack of success stories:



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Editor’s Conclusion: Great Option If You Can Do Some of the Meal Prep Yourself

If you don’t mind making the meals yourself – and just want a very proven shake and bar meal replacement diet, this is one of the best – and most affordable. It’s simple and emphasizes a whole body life change approach.

Plus it has a proven track record of success and it’s flexible – you can order as much as you need without getting stuck in a long term contract.


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