3 Signs Of A Healthy Diet Plan

How To Find a Healthy Diet Plan!


healthy diet plan What exactly makes a healthy diet plan? We all want to lose weight – but we want to do it in a healthy way? After all, too many people have hurt themselves with fad diets, pills and insane exercise routines.

The good news? You can lose weight just as easily with a healthy diet plan as with a crazy ‘fad diet’ – and the results are more likely to be permanent.

With that in mind here are 3 signs of a healthy, balanced diet. Keep these things in mind when looking at diets and you’re guaranteed to find a healthy, safe plan:


#1 A Healthy Diet Plan is Balanced

healthy diet planLook for a good balance – a diet that includes a wide variety of foods, proteins and carbs, fruits and vegetables.

Avoid plans that cut out entire food groups. Avoid programs that are too low in calories. Avoid diets that have you exercising for hours on end.

Basically anything that seems out of balance is probably not healthy. It doesn’t matter what fancy explanation they dream up to explain why you’re doing it – if it’s not balanced, steer clear of it.


#2 A Healthy Diet Offers Steady Weight Loss

diet food deliveredWhile we’d all like to lose 10 pounds by tomorrow (OK, maybe 20 pounds), that just isn’t physically possible. Diets that promise you insane, unbelievable results just aren’t realistic – and may go to some unhealthy extremes to deliver on those promises.

I once knew a girl who lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks – but she had to eat nothing but green apples and seaweed to do it. Not good.

A healthy diet will give you steady progress – from about 2 – 5 pounds per week depending on your activity level and how much weight you’ve got to lose.



#3 Steer Clear of Diet Pills


healthy diet planWhile there may be some diet pills that involve ‘natural’ ingredients, the majority of diet pills are sketchy. Remember Phen-Phen? It’s just not worthwhile to take a chance with your health like that.

Unfortunately, a slim body doesn’t come in a pill. You have to actually do the work. And if you insist on taking pills – if you can’t pronounce the ingredients in the diet pill, don’t take it!

So those are 3 tips to help you find a healthy diet plan. Another thing that may help you is to look for several expert recommendations like those from physicians, personal trainers or other health experts. And if the diet was created by a doctor, all the better.

Remember that a healthy diet plan is balanced, offers a steady weight loss and does NOT include pills. Take your time and choose a diet you can feel great about trying.

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