Bistro MD Now Offering A Gluten-Free Diet Delivery Service!

Looking for a gluten-free diet delivery service? Until a year or so ago it was really difficult to find a weight loss meal delivery service that offered truly gluten-free menu options.

But the good news is that Bistro MD is now offering a Gluten-Free Diet Delivery program!

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As someone who has several friends who have gluten-sensitivities, I’m extremely happy. Sticking to a healthy diet is hard enough – but sticking to a gluten free AND healthy diet is even harder.


The Problem With Switching To GF Foods For Many People:

Switching to non-gluten foods may help digestive issues for people who are sensitive. But it doesn’t mean they will lose weight.

In fact, many people find they actually GAIN weight when changing to a GF diet –┬ábecause the gluten-free goodies out there are actually much higher in calories and sugar than their gluten-containing counterparts.


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So this can be a huge problem if you’re busy, want to lose weight or just eat healthy gluten free meals.

That’s what makes the┬áBistro MD gluten free plan such a great option. And like all of Bistro MD meals, these are on the gourmet, restaurant-quality side. Plus, Bistro MD does not use artificial sweeteners, trans-fats or preservatives in their food either, another bonus.

You can choose the 5 or 7 day meal plan. All meals are tested to FDA standards for gluten-free.


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The meal plans start around $25 a day and up giving you breakfast, lunch and dinner. While this is a bit more than standard diet food delivery plans, it’s actually very cheap for gluten-free food (which typically runs quite a bit more than comparable products with wheat/gluten).

Another thing I like about the Bistro MD plan is that you can customize the plan online (i.e. swap out meals for other meals that you prefer) – for no extra charge. And there is quite a large range of GF meals to choose from as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a gluten-free meal delivery option – for health or weight loss, you may want to check out the Bistro MD plan.

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