The eDiets Meal Delivery Service is No Longer Available

eDiets Meal Delivery – R.I.P.


ediets meal delivery lasagna

So it looks like eDiets just could not compete with the more popular (and much cheaper) Diet To Go. They have discontinued their meal delivery service – which also includes the Biggest Loser meal delivery plan they were doing as well.

We kind of knew this was coming – at one point they were offering 3 weeks of free meals – which is insane. No company can offer that and afford to stay in business. It was not a good sign at all.

If you want something similar to eDiets, I would recommend the Diet To Go program (meals are fresh with no preservatives and you get more choices – low carb, low fat or vegetarian) or the Bistro MD service (the food is much more gourmet with no preservatives).

The only thing I really loved about eDiets was their online support, tracking, etc. But these days you can get that for free with a few Google searches. RIP eDiets meal delivery Рwe will miss you.


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