Diet To Go Changes Their Program – Sort of

diet to go mealsIf you’ve been thinking about trying the Diet To Go program, you may have noticed that they’ve recently changed their website. And the description of their diet program has also changed, slightly.

They’ve brought in a Balanced menu, Balance D and a Carb 30 option. You’ll also notice they have a no seafood option and a vegetarian option when you go to choose more options.

This may seem like it’s different from their older version (3 plans – low fat, low carb and vegetarian). However it’s still pretty much the same.

The Balanced menu is their old traditional, low fat option. Their Balance D is the diabetic-friendly plan and the Net 30 is their low carb plan. Then the vegetarian option is further down the line.



diet to go meals



So basically they are still offering you 3 different plans (technically 4 plans if you include the diabetic-friendly plan) along with a no-seafood option. However frankly, they’ve made it more confusing for people.

Personally, I think this is a mistake on their part. The old Diet To Go 3-plan option was much easier for customers to understand. And in the end, I think it’s going to cost them clients.

I’m not really sure why they’ve done it this way. My guess is that they want to be more competitive with Bistro MD. However, they should have stuck with the older version – as the new Diet To Go options can end up confusing people.

Regardless, just know that basically the plans are the same – you just have a few more defined options like a no-seafood option.

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