Diet Delivery Service – 3 Red Flags

3 Things To Be Wary Of When Choosing A Diet Delivery Service


diet delivery service warnings¬†Ok, so you’ve decided you want to try using a diet delivery service to lose weight. You’re looking forward to relaxing while eating delicious food and watching the weight fall off.

But the temptation might be to think one service is just as good as another.

Not so fast. Unfortunately, not all diet delivery services are created equal. And with the popularity of weight loss meal prep, more and more “fly-by-night” services seem to be popping up all the time.

So there are a few things you should watch for when selecting your service – a few “red flags” so to speak. Here they are:


#1 Locked Into A Contract

sad-womanSome services like Diet To Go have no contract. You can cancel pretty much anytime without a penalty.

There are also a few services that do require you to buy a months’ worth of food up front – that’s not a big deal either.

But be very careful of services that try to lock you into a 3 month or more contract. There will often be a penalty should you want to discontinue the service. And since you haven’t even tried their food yet, how do you know whether you’ll like it?

Don’t sign a long term contract – ever – with a meal delivery company. The quality companies will not require a contract. Stick with them.


#2 Charges for Substitutions

diet delivery service warningMany meal delivery services used to charge you to swap out meals – just in case you didn’t like a meal and preferred another one. But this isn’t really the case any more.

Still, some smaller services do try to nickel and dime you if you want to make a meal substitution. Don’t fall for it.

Now, there are some services like the 17 Day Diet that won’t let you make substitutions – just because they are trying to follow the strict diet plan. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Most quality plans should allow you to customize the menu and swap out meals without a fee to some extent.


#3 Impossible-To-Cancel Autoshipping

Most decent diet delivery services do have an autoshipping program. That’s just much more convenient for everyone involved.

But you should be able to opt-out of the autoship program in your account (or when you go to sign up). Again, most reputable services (like the ones listed here) do make it very easy to opt out of the auto-ship option.

Just make sure there is that option before you take the plunge.

So those are 3 things to watch out for when choosing a diet delivery service. Keep them in mind and you’re more likely to have a much more enjoyable, successful experience!


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