Common Questions About Diet Food Delivery

Is a Diet Food Delivery Service Right For You?


diet food delivery questionsGot questions about diet food delivery?¬† Not sure if it’s right for you?

Getting your diet meals delivered is one of the easiest, most luxurious, and effective ways to lose weight today.

Delivery services prepare diet meals for you and then ship them to your home weekly or monthly.

Meals are prepared according to your preferences and specific diet guidelines. They are then delivered to your door so you can then lose weight in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

But what if you’re still not sure?

What if you still have questions – who do you ask?

Well, you could pour through the hard-to-find FAQs section of each diet food delivery service you are considering, which would take you hours.

Or you could read this post. I’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions that we get about diet delivery services on this site below.

If you have more – just leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it! So let’s dive in!


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“How Does It Work?”


diet meals deliveredMost diet delivery services allow you to shop for meals and order online from their website.

You’ll see exactly what you’re getting before you order (if you don’t, then you may want to skip that particular service).

The service will then prepare your meals and ship them to your home or office weekly, daily or sometimes even monthly.

Then all you do is just store the meals in a fridge or freezer and heat them up according to their instructions when you’re ready to eat.

Everything is done for you in terms of calorie counting, food shopping and prep – all you do is heat and eat (and lose the weight!).

Some services also offer you extra services (for free) like online weight loss support, phone counselling, forums to ask questions and email tips for inspiration!



“What Are My Meal Options?”


These services offer you lots of options. For example you can choose a service that delivers low calorie, low carb, low glycemic, vegetarian or even diabetic-friendly meals.

With some services you can select options from having 2 meals a day up to 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks. You can also sometimes choose to have meals delivered 5 days or 7 days (just in case you want to take the weekend off from your diet!)

Menus and meals change every day so you don’t get bored with the food selection and many services offer over 60+ different types of meals per week. With a good service you’ll be able to see the meals you’re getting each week (so no surprises).


diet food delivery questions
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Many of the larger services even let you select and choose your meals from a list of options. So you can customize your menu to make sure you get the meals you want.

Smaller services unfortunately usually don’t have this option – especially the specialty meal delivery services like vegan or raw.

They usually have a set menu every week that you will get regardless as they’re too small to offer a large range of meals to choose from.

Most services will then ship your meals to you every week once you’ve ordered. You can also have your meals shipped to your office.



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“Will I Lose Weight Getting Diet Meals Delivered?”


Yes – if you follow your chosen program. Most diet delivery services state that their clients lose from 2-5 pounds per week, depending on age, gender, level of activity, etc.

And some (like Nutrisystem or South Beach) even have jump-start weeks that are designed to get you losing weight super-fast (up to 13 pounds per month!) (The idea being that when you see faster results in the mirror, you’re more likely to stick with the plan and reach your goal!)

Recent studies show that people have more success losing weight with diet delivery than they do with traditional diets. This makes sense – when all of the work is done for you, it’s just so much easier to lose weight.

And when you actually enjoy your food – there’s no feeling of deprivation that often sabotages weight loss efforts.


diet food delivery questions
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“How Much Does It Cost?”


Many plans like Diet To Go or Bistro MD start from under $25 a day (which is what many people spend on food every day anyway).

Some – like Nutrisystem or Medifast – even start as low as $10 per day (but you will be adding a few of your own snacks to these plans like fruit, yogurt or cheese).

The more gourmet services like the Fresh Diet that deliver meals every day to your door tend to start much higher – like around $50 – $60 a day.

So you have a range of price options to choose from.

Some plans offer discounts if you buy monthly (vs. weekly) and some even offer freebies like extra shakes or bars when you make your first order.

Plus many people feel that the time they save every day by having their meals delivered pays for itself. They can then focus more time on doing what’s important to them like building their career skills, or spending quality hours with their family.


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“What If I Have Food Allergies?”


Some services are excellent at accommodating food allergies. For example, Bistro MD and Diet To Go both have areas where you can fill in your allergies and they will try to send you meals that are not made with allergens.

Other services like South Beach and Nutrisystem let you read the nutritional information and ingredients of each meal so you can see what is in it – and choose the meals that are without your particular allergen.



“Is It True that A Lot of Celebrities Get Their Diet Meals Delivered?”


bistro-md-breakfast-topYes it is true – although you won’t hear it talked about a lot. Stars like Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba have been reported to use diet meal delivery services on set.

Jennifer Lopez was reported to have used a meal delivery service to slim down after her twins.

A lot of soap opera stars use diet food delivery services to stay slim (and since they work such long hours). And some stars have even promoted some services.

For example Dr. Phill recommends Bistro MD to his weight-loss guests, Kristy Swanson has used Medifast and Marie Osmond famously used Nutrisystem to lose weight – and still promotes it to this day.





“How Can I Find the Right Service For Me?”


best diet food delivery serviceWe’ve tried to make it easy for you at this site.

You’ll find reviews of the most popular nation-wide diet delivery services here with price per day, type of food, how each service works and what you get. For a quick overview see our list of services here.

If you just want the best value services, check out our Best Diet Delivery Services here.

However for the most part, you’ll want to make sure the service delivers to your area (most of the services reviewed on this site deliver to all of the continental US and to Canada in many instances).

You’ll also want to make sure they give you all the information up front about meals and menus (no hiding what you’re going to be eating).

Also check that they have experience helping people lose weight (like lots of before and after pics or success stories available).

At the end of the day though, once you’ve selected your service – relax, sit back and enjoy losing the weight! That’s what you’re paying for after all.

You’re losing weight the smart way – by having the experts do it for you. Losing weight is challenging enough – you deserve to do it in style!


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