Can’t Lose Weight?

3 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss


can't lose weightCant lose weight? Wondering why you can’t seem to stick to your diet? Do you feel like you’re sabotaging yourself?

Well, never fear, you’re probably not sabotaging yourself – you may just be doing a few things that are counterproductive. These things will automatically trip you up – even if you aren’t aware that you’re doing them.

If you’ve tried and tried but cant lose weight, here are 3 things you may be doing – “diet traps” if you will – that may be messing up your best weight loss efforts.


#1 Thinking ‘It Should Be Easy’


Losing weight is not easy, regardless of what we’re told. It’s a major change to your body. And major changes take effort, time and patience.


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Most of us are told that diets are easy.  No problem, the ads say, you should be able to cut your calorie intake by a third or completely cut carbs out of your life. You should be able to just breeze through your life while on a diet without a whiff of inconvenience or hanger pangs. Not true.

Making a change – any change – is work. And it’s not easy. That’s not to say it can’t be done – it can. And if you’re a woman living in the 21st century, I guarantee you that you can do it.

But when you believe the lie that it should be easy, you’re more likely to panic when things get tough and it doesn’t feel easy-breezy fun.

You start to think you cant lose weight – that something is wrong with you when your stomach growls or when you get irritated because you’re not having your usual chocolate fix at 3 in the afternoon or you’re eating carrots and hummus when you really want to sink your teeth into a Big Mac and fries.

Don’t believe the lie that it should be easy. Instead make the commitment to take extra time for yourself. Pamper your body and grit your teeth when it gets hard – knowing that this too shall pass. And you’ll be so grateful you stuck it out when you’re zipping up your skinny jeans with no problem at all.


#2 Trying To Do It All On Your Own


can't lose weightWomen today are busy. We work, take care of the kids, run a household, do the shopping, cooking, cleaning. And then we try to prepare our special diet meals on top of that – or carve out an hour at the gym 5 nights a week. Yeah, right.

The second most common reason we feel like we cant lose weight is because we try to do it all on our own. We don’t ask for help. We don’t pay for help – we don’t think we’re worth it.

And then we beat ourselves up when we can’t be a superhero and stick to our diets.


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Forget trying to do it on your own. Get the help you need. Maybe that’s getting a diet delivery service to deliver healthy meals for you. Maybe that means getting a personal trainer. Maybe it means joining an online diet and support site that will help you set goals, track your weight and send you encouragement throughout the week.

Whatever support means to you, get as much of it as you can. The more support you get, the more likely you are to reach your weight loss goals.


#3 Expecting Yourself To Eat Cardboard for Weeks On End


diet food delivery service - find the best oneOk, so we all know that if we’re going to cut back on food, we might get a little hungry now and then. It won’t kill us. But expecting yourself to eat food that tastes like cardboard and sawdust for weeks on end is just foolish.

We were created to enjoy our food. That’s why it tastes to good when we’re especially hungry.

Food nourishes us physically – but it also nourishes us psychologically as well. And if you want to stick to a diet plan you have to PLAN to eat food you enjoy.

That’s another reason I like using a diet food delivery service like Diet To Go when I want to take off a few pounds – because I’m not a great cook. So I know that at least I will enjoy my meals and get that psychological satisfaction as well.

But maybe for you this could mean taking your favorite full fat meal and working out a lower fat recipe of it. Maybe that means you have a cheat day per week. Whatever it means for you, make sure you don’t expect yourself to eat gross-tasting food for weeks on end while you lose weight. It’s just not reasonable – and you’ll most likely fail.

So those are 3 reasons you cant lose weight. These are unconscious expectations and beliefs that you have that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts without you even knowing it. Eliminate them and watch the pounds melt off faster!

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