Best Diet That Is Easy To Follow – 3 Options

best diet that is easy to followLooking for the best diet that is easy to follow?

There are lots of great diet plans out there – but they’re not always easy to follow.

Some can be downright confusing – “I eat what with the what??? When? Food combining – huh?”

With that in mind I decided to make a post pointing out the absolute EASIEST diets to follow.

This may be because everything is done for you – or because you get to eat and not go hungry (hunger definitely complicates things).

Or because the diet is just plain simple to follow – you don’t have to read an entire book to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

So without further ado, here are 3 picks for the best diet that is easy to follow:


#1 Bistro MD

best diet that is easy to follow

I like this one because basically – everything is done for you.

The food is made fresh with no preservatives (and a focus on hormone-free meats and local ingredients) and then sent to your front door every week.

All you do is heat and eat. That’s it!

And because Bistro MD focuses more on gourmet, restaurant-quality meals (with a lot of food), you don’t feel like you’re suffering at all.

You eat gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. There’s even an option to get snacks or dessert if you need a treat. And the menu changes every week to keep things interesting.

Another thing I like is that it’s easy to swap out meals online (no charge) once you’ve signed up.


bistro-md meal delivery


So you can actually make sure you’re getting meals that you really love.

Simple. Designed by a weight loss doctor. Easy to follow. Everything’s done for you.

Oh, and you’re not locked into a long term contract – which also makes things simpler.

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#2 HMR Diet At Home

best diet that is easy to follow

The HMR diet has been used in medical clinics and hospitals for over 30 years now.  They’ve recently introduced their program and made it available to people at home.

It’s basically a plan which marries fast weight loss with a focus on helping you build new “skinny” habits so that you can maintain the weight loss after the diet is over.

The plan itself is super-simple to follow. You just order a 3 week starter kit which has everything you need to start the plan: shakes, entrees, instructions, recipes and more.

Every day you’ll have 3 HMR shakes, 2 HMR entrees and 5 servings of fruits and veggies (that you add in yourself). And the best part is that if you’re hungry, the plan lets you eat more! So you an go ahead and have another shake or entrée or fruit.


HMR diet review
HMR Diet At Home


While it’s not mandatory, the HMR diet also gives you the option to have weekly phone coaching calls. So you can get tips and help from your coach.

Unlike the Bistro MD plan above, you do have to do some cooking (veggie prep). But the plan itself is super-simple to follow and get started.

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#3 Ideal Shape

Ideal Shape diet ReviewI like Ideal Shape because it’s super-cheap: about $2.60 per day.

You have to do a bit more work on this plan than the other two, but it’s still a pretty simple diet to follow.

You eat 5 meals a day – and replace 2 of these with a shake or a bar.

That’s it. The shakes and bars use a unique potato protein that other shakes don’t have. This helps to curb hunger and keep you full for longer.

To get started you just pick the 30 or 60 day kit and you’ll get all the shakes, bars, instructions and recipes that you need to get started. You will have to do some of the food prep yourself, but you’re also saving a lot of money.

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