3 Diets For Under $10 A Day


diet under $10 a dayLooking to lose weight with diet delivery but you’re on a budget? Never fear, that’s what this blog is here for.

We’re always looking for great deals, coupons and ways you can lose weight for less.

So with that in mind here are 3 different diets you can choose from that will deliver to your door – for under $10 a day!



[contentblock id=65 img=gcb.png]#1 Medifast Achieve

Medifast has brought out a new program and dropped the price on it to under $10 a day, which is very cool since Medifast is probably the most well known – and well respected diet – on this list.

You get 4 Medifast meals plus 1 snack every day. You then add in 1 – 2 lean and green meals of your own (you can also purchase these from Medifast if you don’t have the time to make the meals yourself).


diet under $10 a day



Medifast meals include oatmeals, shakes, bars, chilis, lite pasta entrees, soups, puddings, ice creams and more.

Medifast is a great diet for taking the weight off fast. In fact you can lose up to 5 pounds a week when you first start this diet.

Meals are specially formulated to be higher in protein and with enough nutrition to keep you full and satisfied. And because you’re eating every 2 – 3 hours, you don’t get hungry.

You also get a lot of online support like message boards, emails, shopping lists and recipes for the lean and green meal.


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ideal shape diet coupon#2 Ideal Shape

The Ideal Shape diet consists of high protein shakes and bars fortified with a special protein to keep you fuller longer.

You also add in your own meals 2 – 3 times a day – so you don’t get as much food as with Medifast above. But this diet is super-cheap: around $2.41 per day.

Plus you can also get $5 off your first order with coupon code MARKET5 and by clicking the link below.


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Ideal Shape diet Review





Best diet meal delivery - fast weight loss#3 Wonderslim

Wonderslim is similar to Medifast in that you get several special meals and lite entrees per day that are high in protein and fortified for fast, healthy weight loss.

While their premium program is around $11 a day, they have 2 other options that are under $10 a day.

The Core program is $8.36 a day and gives you 5 Wonderslim meals. The Basic program is around $7.08 a day and gives you 4 Wonderslim meals (you add in your own dinner).



wonderslim diet coupon



The only drawback is that you don’t get the kind of online support with this diet that you get with Medifast. Still, it’s super-cheap and it takes the weight off quickly (around 4 pounds per week).


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