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girl eating diet food delivery mealsDiet Food Delivery is like having your own personal chef and dietitian helping you lose weight. There’s no shopping for groceries or spending hours in the kitchen – it’s all done for you!

Gourmet meals are prepared by experts and then shipped to your home. All you do is heat and eat!  This makes losing weight easier – and faster – than you ever thought possible. But where do you start? gives you in-depth reviews of the top diet food delivery services including area of delivery, price per day, type of meals, who offers free meals and more.

In a hurry or can’t decide? Check out our Best Diet Meal Delivery services which offer you great value, gourmet meals and fast weight loss results.


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“In a recent study done by Brown University, people attempting to lose weight by eating prepared meals lost an average of 31% more weight than those who prepared their own meals.”



Top-Rated Diet Food Delivery Services:

Best diet Meal Delivery Services


Best Diet Meal Delivery

3 Top Rated diet food delivery services that offer fast weight loss and great-tasting meals.

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diet to goDiet To Go

Diet To Go is a fresh-meal delivery service sending meals all over the U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska.

You can choose from 3 different weight loss meal delivery plans – Low Fat,  Low Carb and Vegetarian. This is also one of the most affordable fresh-meal delivery services on the market.

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Nutrisystemnutrisystem diet food delivery

Want to lose weight fast while eating pizza, chocolate and ice cream? If so, then you may want to consider Nutrisystem.

You can lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in your first month with this popular diet plan that emphasizes comfort foods. Starting under $10 a day, it’s also super-affordable.

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Bistro MD diet delivery reviews - bistro md

This popular gourmet diet delivery service offers premium, restaurant-quality meals with an emphasis on no preservatives, local ingredients and hormone-free meats.

You can customize the menu to suit your tastes as well. This one is used by Dr. Phil for many of his weight loss guests.

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South Beach Meal Deliverysouth beach diet food delivery

Want to do the South Beach diet – but don’t have time to make the specialty meals? This service will do it for you!

It takes you through all 3 phases of the South Beach diet plan and there are 3 different plans to choose from – depending on whether you want snacks or you can add in the snack portions yourself.

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All Reviews

Looking to review a specific diet delivery service? Find all our reviews here. You’ll find a quick list of all diet food delivery reviews with links to more in-depth information about each diet.

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Diet Food Delivery 101:
5 Questions About Getting Your Weight Loss Meals Delivered


#1 What Exactly is Diet Delivery?

diet meals deliveredA diet food delivery service prepares weight loss meals for you and then ships them to your home either daily, weekly or monthly.

Meals are prepared according to your preferences and then delivered to your door either fresh or frozen.

It’s like having your own personal dietitian and chef helping you lose weight!



#2 What Kind of Meals Can You Get?


diet to go meals

Diet delivery services offer you lots of options – from low carb to low fat, vegetarian or even diabetic-friendly meals.

You can get freshly-made meals delivered or meal replacement diets that send everything you need to your door.

There are also services that base their meals on a specific diet like the gluten-free diet or the vegan diet.

Most diet delivery meal plans are created by registered dietitians or physicians – so you can be assured of getting the proper mix of vitamins and nutrients for safe weight loss.

Often meals are low calorie and range from 1200 – 1600 calories per day, depending on the clients height, gender, activity level, etc.


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#3 How Does It Work?

medifast-diet-chocolateDepending on the service, you can get your meals delivered to your home once a week for 7 days or 5 days (to have your weekends off).

Some services offer fresh food delivered daily. Other services make the food fresh and ship it to you frozen. And some offer pre-packaged, calorie-controlled meals that make losing weight easy.

You can choose to have breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered or just have lunch and dinner (and prepare your own breakfast). Sometimes you can also add in snacks.

Most diet meal delivery services will let you choose your preferences online and then order. In a couple of business days you should receive your food for that week.


#4 Will You Lose Weight?

lose weight with diet meals deliveredYes! Most diet delivery clients lose from 2-5 pounds per week.

Recent studies show that people have more success losing weight with diet delivery than they do with traditional diets.  This makes sense – when all of the work is done for you, it’s easy to lose weight!

Plus, with chef-prepared, delicious meals you don’t have that sense of deprivation that sabotages most dieting efforts. And you don’t have the frustration of driving to the store, searching for the right diet food, going home and taking the time to prepare it yourself.


#5 How Much Does It Cost?

fresh diet meal deliveryYou don’t have to be a movie star to enjoy the benefits of diet delivery.  Plans start from under $20 a day (less than most people spend for 1 restaurant meal).

Some plans offer discounts if you buy monthly (vs. weekly) and some even offer free meals when you sign up for the first time.

Also, many delivery clients feel that the time they save every day by having their meals delivered more than pays for itself.

And when you see the results in the mirror, you’ll be more than glad you tried it!



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