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Is The Fresh Diet Meal Delivery Service Right For You?


fresh diet meal delivery
Fresh Diet Home Delivery

Looking for gourmet, fresh diet meal delivery? If so, you may want to consider using The Fresh Diet Meal Delivery service. This is one of the largest gourmet fresh diet food delivery services in the U.S.

It gives you gourmet, chef-cooked, freshly made (never frozen) meals delivered to your door. You have 2 options – daily delivery (if you live in a certain area) or twice weekly delivery.

the fresh diet meal delivery serviceMeals are created by a Le Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef and based on a 40-30-30 ratio of carbs to protein to fat (very similar to the Zone Diet).

The calorie-controlled plan gives you 3 meals a day with 2 sides and 2 snacks (or 1 snack and 1 dessert).

Is this the right plan for you? Here’s what you need to know:





The Basics:


the fresh diet meal delivery dinnerDelivers To: Continental U.S.

Price Per Day:  From $35 a day

Current Specials: Save $80 on First Order Click Here

Menu Variety: Excellent – Customizable & Accounts for Allergies and Dislikes (i.e. Gluten Free, Vegetarian, etc.)

Customizable Plan? Yes

Plans Available: 2 Calorie Controlled Options – Premium (customizable) and Chefs Plan (non-customizable)



The Fresh Diet Meal Delivery Review:


fresh diet meal deliveryThe Fresh Diet is a calorie-controlled diet based on similar ratios to the Zone diet – 40-30-30 carbs to protein to fat ratio.

Many experts feel that this is the ideal ratio to promote weight loss, lean body mass, lowered blood sugar levels, higher energy, focus and mental clarity, as well as a decrease in cravings.

The best thing about this diet? The food is a-may-zing. It’s freshly prepared by a Le Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef and can be customized to your tastes and food preferences (like vegetarian, gluten-free etc.)

You really are eating like a celebrity with this plan. From Grilled Pork Loin Steak with Hoshi Mengi Mushroom Cognac to Chocolate Creme Brule Pave to Filet Mignon with Roasted Beets over Arugula with Oranges & Feta Cheese, the food is like eating at a 5 star restaurant.

fresh diet food deliveryPlus you get a lot of food – 3 meals a day plus 2 sides plus 2 snacks (really a snack and a dessert).

If you live in a designated area near a Fresh Diet center (NY Tri-State area, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, South and West Florida, Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston.) you can opt to get meals delivered to your home daily. If not, you can get fresh diet meals delivered to your door twice weekly.


How It Works:

It’s very simple:

#1 Sign up and get an account at the Fresh Diet website

#2 Choose your delivery schedule and plan (Premium or Chefs Diet).

#3 Select your meals from your online account noting your calorie counts, allergies, etc. The chefs will work around your likes and dislikes to create the right meal plan for you.

#4 Get your meals delivered to your front step, heat and eat!

There are two plans to choose from – the Premium Plan and the Chefs Diet plan. The Premium plan lets you customize your menu whereas with the Chefs diet, the meals are chosen for you.


fresh diet delivery




The Fresh Diet Menu Examples:


  • Broccolini Caramelized Onion Roasted Pepper Parmesan Cheese Egg Scramble
  • Miso Halibut, Wild Rice & Cabbage
  • Fresh Herb Grilled Pita with Pistachio Cranberry & Taragon Yogurt Sauce
  • Grilled Pork Loin Steak with Hoshi Mengi Mushroom Cognac
  • Roasted Chicken over Greens with Caramelized Onions, Dried Cranberry & Blue Cheese
  • Fig and Blue Cheese Tartlets with Carmelized Onions with Balsamic Glaze


Click Here To View This Weeks Menu


 fresh diet food delivery dessert




Editor’s Conclusion: Recommended

If you’re looking for ultra-gourmet, fresh diet meal delivery, then the Fresh Diet is a mouth-wateringly good option. (This is the fresh diet meal delivery service that many celebrities in LA use.)

While it’s not cheap by any means, you do get a lot of food – and it’s gourmet dining at its finest. Plus, if you have any allergies or food dislikes (dairy, gluten, etc.) you can get the meals prepared to your tastes.


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